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Wednesday, July 1, 2009



San Francisco, California

Leola King Jazz Center
Church of Coltrane
& Evening/Weekend

Concert Venue

The Fillmore District
San Francisco

Historical Structure to be Reused
Street Level Uses

Entry and Hall Museum celebrating the History of Jazz in The Fillmore
Mrs. King had Jazz Nightclubs in the area that attracted the famous
and soon-to-be famous Jazz Musicians in the 1950's, 60's and 70's

Neighborhood uses were proposed in divisible classroom and
Dining Hall attached to a Commercial Kitchen on the Main
Floor as well as the Bookstore/Gift Shop area in the Entry
and the Recording Studios to the rear.

Second Level Uses

Top Plan: Day Use is for the Coltrane University,
Lower Plan: Evening and Weekend Uses Dinner Events

Second Level Uses

Upper Plan: Evening and Weekend Uses Auditorium Seating
Lower Plan: Mezzanine Level Offices and Upper Stage Activities

Jazz musicians who frequented
Mrs. King's Jazz Nightclubs in the Fillmore District

The Proposal

Soft Costs: $3.5 million
Hard Construction Costs: $10 million
FF&E: $5.5 million

Historic Preservation Tax Credits: $3.5 million
Solar Power Credits: $5 million
Requested Loan from Chase: $11 Million (Approved)

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) turned down all proposals
and took the Proposal above on as their own, requesting the
Church of Coltrane to become their tenant.
The Archbishop declined.

Later, it was determined that the SFRA had negotiated in bad faith
by allowing developers to expend thousands of dollars on proposals to get work
that was not going to be let.

The SFRA had instead taken the funds dedicated to this project,
during the submittal period, and quietly rescued the developer of
The Fillmore Center a block away, who was facing ruin
without the $3.5 million dedicated to this project.

That effort has now come out in the Press
and on local TV Stations.

The Fillmore Center is still not in the black, we hear, with no
prospect for better financials in the near future.

Developer of The Fillmore Center? Michael Johnson, who had attended the
graduate division of Georgia Tech's College of Architecture.

Janet Campbell, Developer - Leola King's consultant, had graduated from the
six-year professional degree program in Architecture at Georgia Tech,
and had earned an MS in Real Estate (now Development)
in Georgia State's MBA program as well.

The Community and City Supervisor for the Fillmore
continue to pursue our proposal.

Chase Bank had approved the loan before we even sat down to talk to them about it -
the equity built-in in Janet's scheme was perfect and well over the
lending guidelines - a sure bet.

The City Supervisor, Ross Mirkarimi, and the Community
Organizations involved as well as the Church of Coltrane and
Leola King like Janet's idea to bring in technical education
into the facility as well, to help both business and the
residents. They are working with various
business organizations to effect such
a use, in conjunction with the
proposed uses and
other nearby

Program, Plans and Proposal by Janet C. Campbell, Architect


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